Taking care of elephant hair style knot bracelets

Bracelets: For new bracelets, the magic sliding knots might be a little stiff while new. If they are too stiff and just won’t move, put one end on the table while you slide the other knot. Also, sometimes a little lubrication from dishwashing soap or a short soak in olive oil can help a lot. With all bracelets, feel free to shape the wires to your own particular wrists with gentle hand manipulation. If a knot ever gets too loose, the knot may be squeezed tight with strong fingers, smooth tongue pliers, or regular pliers with tape or cloth to protect the teeth from marking the wire.
Silver Knots Bracelets:  All silver knot bracelets are made from sterling 930 Argentium tarnish resistant silver. Eventually you may still have to rub or polish them with a silver cloth to remove dark spots. Not to worry, the full luster can be regained many times over. Polish should not be needed. If they are really dirty, rub gently with an old toothbrush dipped in a dishwashing soap and vinegar mixture. Like all silver, it only tarnishes when exposed to air, so if possible, store in a sealing plastic bag like the one it shipped in.
Gold Knot Bracelets: The gold wire in these bracelets is known as gold fill – it is 20%  real 14KY gold over a base metal inside. Thousands of times thicker than gold plating, so may be polished over and over. It is not recommended that you clean in a sonic bath cleaner.. may look dirtier than when you started – especially the strand ends.
Copper Knot Bracelets: Whatever you do, copper will change its patina over time, though this can be slowed down by storing the bracelet in an air tight plastic bag. Some people experience a green mark on their skin from copper, especially when it is new. This is entirely natural, almost never causes an actually allergy, and easily washes off.
Artificial Elephant Hair Bracelets: The base material here is a very strong nylon fiber material that can resistant years of wear and cleaning. However, like real hair, do keep it away from sharp edges or knives. A toothbrush with dish soap and hot water should be all it ever needs.
3 Knot Bracelets: On 3 knot bracelets, only the two knots that have two sets of strands going inside them are active.. meaning they will slide. The third knot may slide a bit too.. but it has no effect on the size of the bracelet.
4 Knot Bracelets: All knots are designed to move, however on smaller sizes especially, there is often no room for two of the knots to slide open – or they are very stiff. Not to worry – only two are needed for sizing as you take it on and off.

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Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry