The Simba Collection

A broad set of African Elephant Hair Knot style bracelets

Our comprehensive set of these legends of Africa bracelet have been voted as the most accurate representation of those currently still found in Tanzania and other parts of East Africa. For years I imported silver bracelets from there as well as from South Africa. Only when I could not guarantee supply, and when their silver wasn’t always sterling silver, did I start to make my own stateside. I don’t usually sit outside under a tree and use my feet to hold some strands, as I have seen done in Kenya, but I have developed my own techniques over the years.

Today we are able to offer a full range of 2, 3 or 4 knot bracelets in 3, 5 or 7 strands of fully rounded wire for maximum fit and comfort. All can be ordered in Small (Skinny ladies and teenagers),  Medium (most of the world) or Large (big men or very big women).  Let us know your specific wrist size and I will hand tweak it precisely for you so that it fits over your hand but then closes down comfortably on your wrist. See Bracelet Sizing for more details.

For a more petite bracelet in finer wire, designed more for special occasions, please see our SimbaCub collection. Here you can see how Cub vs Std vs King compare in weights:


Plus matching pendants and earrings. Yes, the little knots slide, even though they are only for show.

Simba silver elephant hair knot braceletsThe Silver Simba models are made from Argentium sterling 935 silver so they are tarnish resistant and will keep their shine for a long time in between gentle polishing. Many people wear them all the time. They contain no nickel and meet all European silver standards – in fact Argentium was invented in Germany and commercialized in England. Almost no one has an allergic reaction to this silver because of its 935 purity – compare with normal sterling at 925.

The Gold Simba models are made for 20/14KY yellow gold fill or 20/14KR rose gold fill. This is a new gold wire that is 20% pure gold (the outer coating which is 1000’s of times thicker than gold plating). Tests as real gold except for the weight and makes gold affordable to most consumers.

All gold elephant hair knot bracelets

The Solid Gold Simba models are for those people who demand the best in life. Made from solid 14KY yellow gold throughout. Also fully-rounded strands in 3 or 5 strand models. Each one custom-made to order only. You will notice the weight of gold in these models.

The Copper Simba models provide a lower cost metal set of bracelets in this similar style. We use new shiny bright real copper. The wire is not coated so its patina will change over time, but they can be polished with common household copper polish. Many people enjoy therapeutic benefits from wearing copper and the interesting thing about these designs as they may be closed down until a maximum amount of copper is touching your skin. For some people copper will leave a slight blue/greenish mark on their skin, especially when new. This is entirely safe and washes off easily.

Yes, Simba means Lion, King of the Jungle. We aim for Simba to also mean the most comprehensive set of African adjustable bracelets in an elephant or giraffe hair sliding knot style. This leads us to all our combination style bracelets:

  • Silver with gold knots
  • Gold with silver knots
  • Silver and gold strands
  • Silver and copper strands
  • Silver with copper knots
  • Silver and Rose gold strands

For bracelets with black artificial elephant hair, and combinations thereof, please see The Simbele Collection.

The Love Knots Legends of Africa

What do the knots really depict?  Many different legends have been associated with these bracelets over the years. A popular and current one is that the four knots denote the four seasons – Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring, for example. Or the two knots are for the Yin and Yang of life. And the three knots are for Earth, Wind and Fire.

Other people say that the African Chiefs used the number of knots to tell the world how many fine wives they had.

Whatever you think, these bracelets let you enjoy a classy adjustable bracelet for men and women, in both casual and elegant fashion styles. If they help you remember how your heart pines for Africa, or how you left a little of your soul in Africa, then so much the better.

Made in California with an African soul.

Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry