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The Simba Collection Here you will find one of the largest selections of knot bracelets in the traditional African elephant hair knot style. These bracelets are also known as African Love Knot Bracelets. Some of the tribal leaders wear such a bracelet for each of their wives – at least while they are in favor! Others also call them Safari Bracelets or The Legend of Africa, especially in East and Southern Africa. We love to call them The Magic Sliding Knots of Africa as not many other bracelets can slide to fit once you put them on. The artificial elephant hair models replace our former real giraffe hair products. All made with full round wire and we only count strands where they don’t overlap – like the original designs from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Custom orders on request.
Select matching pendants and earrings too. Visit Pendants and Earrings to complete your set.

NEW: The Simba Cub Collection. Dainty, small, petite and super elegant and affordable versions of the elephant hair knot bracelets.

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Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry