The Legends of Africa – always growing.

Africa is known as the Mother Continent as scientists have now proven we all are descended from ancient people relics found there. Regardless, we know a lot of animals are only to be found in Africa and they constitute the big game as well as  the popular zoo animals found worthwhile. Despite the incursion of man and poachers, giant herds of buffalo, zebra, elephants, rhinos, hippos, buck and giraffe roam across the land, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. They are complemented by big prides of Royal Game – the big cats – lions, cheetahs, leopards and jaguars.

Thanks to the efforts of conservationists and hunters, most of these are no longer on the endangered species list. It is this beauty and majesty we strive to celebrate in every piece we make. If you left a piece of your heart in Africa, you know what I mean. Hopefully each piece brings a happy memory to mind.

The Simba Collection

While we know Simba is the Swahili word for Lion, we just like it and so have named our major collection of elephant hair knot style bracelets The Simba Collection.  We feature many different models – 3, 5 and  strands; in different sizes – small, medium and large; and different metallic wires – copper, silver and gold; and also in 2, 3 or 4 knot designs. All have a modicum of adjustment for even better fits, plus they can fit over a lady’s or a man’s hand then slide tighter to never come off accidentally. In addition, we use only fully rounded wire, so there are no flat sides like in hal rounded wire to make bends and kinks and to pinch arm hairs between the flat edges.

See Copper Knot Bracelets for bright shiny copper versions. This copper will change its patina over time, though it can be polished. Some people enjoy minor pain or ache relief by wearing copper.

Silver Knot Bracelets are all now in the new Argentium 935 sterling silver. It costs us a little more, but it ensures that your bracelet will maintain its lustre much longer. Finally we have a quality supply of this tarnish resistant silver.

Gold Knot Bracelets are made with 20/14KY gold normally. This is a newer gold fill that is 20% real gold on the surfaces and an invisible fill metal on the inside. Tests as real gold except for the weight. Provides for gold products without the very high prices of solid gold. Also available in Rose (Pink) gold. For those who must have the best and the real thing, we have a few offerings in solid 14KY yellow gold.

Combination Bracelets today are very popular. We have duo tone and tritone models. Almost any mix of the above metals and also with artificial elephant hair strands.

The Simbele Collection

Elephant hair and giraffe hair products are now illegal in international trade so we only use a special artificial elephant hair we have discovered and final process ourselves. Gives a very similar look to the real products. May be worn for long periods of time. Provides a natural black color strand to complement the metals in the knots or others strands. Because of the natural nature only two and three knot models are available. Enables the creation of our duotone and tritone model bracelets.

The Silver Africas Collection

Africa shaped pendants, charms, earrings in 20/14KY gold fill.

The Gold Africas CollectionArica shaped earrings and pendants

Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry