Rock Art Collections

Basic Rock Art

Many years ago when my brother Geophrey Foden was finding his niche as a world class master jeweler, he introduced a lot of designs based on his observations of Bushmen rock art paintings. Some of these are still so cute and elegant, even simple and striking, that we continue to propagate many of the designs even though he has long passed on.

While we try to be consistent in our piercings and shapes do realize these are all handmade so each one is actually a unique original.

Unfortunately the historic rock art found in Southern Africa does not depict all the wild animals found there, so we can’t do all of them – like no elephants in this style. But you are invited to contact us if you have some personal design or idea variation you would like to see in silver or gold. Otherwise we will just keep on featuring our giraffe, buck, bushman, dancing lady, etc.

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Silver Rock Art Collection

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Framed Rock Art

Silver or gold paneled pieces over square edge frames. With and without gemstones or diamonds.

Framed Rock Art jewlery

Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry