An extensive collection of Elephant Hair Knot bracelets.

Gold elephant hair knot bracelets
Yellow or Rose Gold Elephant Hair Bracelets

Most gold bracelets are made with 20/14KY gold fill fully rounded wire in a traditional East African or Southern African style.

No fly-out wires or knots to catch and bend. Rugged enough for continuous wear.

Solid 14KY pure gold bracelets are also available when nothing but the best will do.

Silver elephant hair knot bracelets bangles
Silver 3/6, 5/10 and 7/14 strands bracelets

Regular bracelets are 5 strands wide (10 where they overlap). 
Also available in narrow 3 strands or king size 7 strands.

Most are available in 2, 3 or 4 knot versions. Highly adjustable so you can tighten them on your wrist and wear them forever.

Choose Small, Medium or Large. For an even better fit, include your wrist circumference and I will make it specifically for you.

Artificial elephant hair knot bracelets and bangles
Artificial elephant hair knot bracelets

Select 2, 3 or 4 knot artificial elephant hair versions with silver, gold or copper knots from the Simbele Collection.

Note: Real elephant or giraffe hair is now illegal for trade worldwide.

African rock art cut out pendants
Gold pendants with African cutout images.

See our extensive collection of cute little “rock art” pendants and Africa shapes.

Also available in sterling 935 Argentium non-tarnish silver.

Custom shapes and figures on request.

Elephant hair and silver or gold bracelets
Combo hair and silver or gold bracelets

And of course, we now offer our extensive collection of African elephant hair knot bracelets in all sorts of combinations. Shown on the left here are silver and hair, gold and hair, rose gold and hair. Below is a silver and gold set of bracelets with matching earrings and pendants.

Silver with gold knots elephant hair bracelets
Silver and gold set
Pettie elephant hair bracelets for women and children
SimbaCub Petite Elephant Hair Collection in precious metals

The SimbaCub collection is for a more delicate look. Also in 5 strands of silver or gold, but a finer wire. Still fully rounded strands so there are no sharp edges or easy bend breakpoints.

Ideal for occasional elegant wear by ladies who take care with their bracelets and bangles.

Also available in baby sizes and earrings too!

The perfect gift to remember someone

Remembrance gift for men and women

Since elephants have such large brains, they are well known to never forget anyone or anything. So an elephant hair knot bracelet is the perfect symbolic gift to remember someone on their graduation day, wedding day, anniversary, graduation, African travel or work trip, going off to college, etc.

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Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry