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An extensive collection of Elephant Hair Knot bracelets.

Your source for a complete selection of Safari and Wildlife jewelry!

Silver and gold African wildlife jewelry

The unique new Kavango Collection of gold fill animal pierced patterns on ruggedized sterling silver.

Africa Arises jewelry collection

It is Africa’s time to rise up and shine. Celebrate your connection or memory or love of Africa.

Rock Art gold jewelleryThey are back.. with interesting shapes, matte finishes and rugged edges. In new gold fill pieces that make them affordable. See the Gold Rock Art and Animal Collection.

Enjoy an elephant hair knot bracelet, pendant and matching earrings with silver or gold knots

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NEW: The Simba Cub Collection. Dainty, small, petite and super elegant and affordable versions of the elephant hair knot bracelets.

 Each one a unique handmade original piece of jewelry/jewellery. Safari, Wildlife, Zoo Animals and African souvenirs, mementos and gifts. All products are one of a kind originals made in California with an African heart and love. Artificial elephant hair knot bracelets and earrings. No real anim
al products, except some leather cords. #ElephantHairBracelets #GiraffeHair #AfricanKnotBracelets #AfricaPendants #AfricanSafariJewelry #WildlifeJewelry

Fine Safari, Zoo & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence