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Worldwide Shipping and Handling:

Shipping rates are based on the value of your total shipment, as insurance costs are higher than actual weight costs for most products offered here. We ship only via First Class US mail. Most single items ship in a flat padded envelope to avoid parcel post charges and customs issues:

Current rates in US Dollars worldwide are:

Total price range
Shipping & Handling
Under $30


$30 – $99.99
$100 – $299.99
$300 – $999.99
$1000 and above

NOTE: We do not ship to China, India or Pakistan at all.

Shipping is via First Class Mail Only for all online orders. Upgrade to Priority Mail or Global Priority Mail is available.
Fedex or overnight delivery under very special circumstances only. Please call or email to see if we can handle we are based way up in the Sierra Mountains of California and cannot always get down the hill to an express shipping station
in a timely fashion.

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