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Artificial Elephant Hair Knot Jewelry

Elephant hair and giraffe hair products are now illegal in international trade so we only use a special artificial elephant hair we create by hand processing a synthetic material that is very strong and long lasting. Gives a very similar look to the real products. May be worn for long periods of time. Provides a natural black color strand to complement the metals in the knots or others strands. Because of the natural nature only two and three knot models are available. Enables the creation of our duotone and tritone model bracelets – with the special contrasts between shiny metals and the black hair strands.

Giraffe Hair Bangles and Bracelets and earrings and pendants

Artificial elephant hair bracelets, earrings and pendant with silver knots

Gem for hair bracelets

Now you can add a gemstone to the all hair bracelets (not the combos). See how we add a small silver band at assembly time, to which we attach a gemstone. Choose from Tanzanite, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst or Citrine to really add a sparkle. Gemstones are rose cut (dome shaped) for rugged wear.

Click here for a wide variety of faux hair products. Your friends will never know the difference.

black and gold elephant hair bracelets

Please do not support the trade of real elephant parts in any way. And that starts with real elephant hair products, most of which are the result of poaching. Join us in supporting the African Wildlife Federation.

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Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry