The Silver Africas Collection

Celebrating the Mother Continent

Science has now shown that mankind first originated in what is today Central Africa and DNA studies continue to lead back here as well. Hence the title Mother Continent. Most people don’t realize how big a continent Africa really is because it is not stretched on most map projection. The USA can fit in the Sahara desert. Adding Europe and Russia would be needed to create an equivalently sized remainder.

Many species of wildlife (but not all) originate in Africa including elephant, lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, zebras, giraffes, etc. Interestingly enough, no dinosaur remains found so far in Africa, though when I look at rhinos, hippos and crocodiles, I think they are descended from dinosaurs.

Africa shaped pendants, charms, earrings in 20/14KY gold fill.

How many ways can you enjoy the shape of Africa? See our Silver Africas Items in the Shop for some of the more popular ways we have made pendants and earrings in the very affordable, tarnish resistant, Argentium 935 sterling silver.


Did you leave a part of your heart in Africa? Or is Africa in your heart? What about a loved one visiting Africa? I once gave a small plain shiny Africa to an African diplomatic corp member on assignment in USA after he kept looking at it all day. Being from a poor West African nation, his whole group were on a starvation budget. Hence my donation. But he was so happy and proud of that little silver Africa that I still smile at the memory.

If you have a different idea for an Africa shaped item, please contact us and we will see what we can do. They make great memory keepsakes that are easily mailed.

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