Category: Sizing
Yes, by special request you can get 2 knot bracelets only in extra small. Do add actual wrist size in a note.
Category: Sizing

Put your size requirements in a note at check out or send an email in advance and it will be done.

Category: Sizing

Small bracelets are typically for skinny ladies and teenagers with wrists less than 6.5″ (16.5cm). Large is for larger ladies and big men with wrists over 7.5″ (19cm). Medium is for every one else.

Category: Sizing

To be sure, put a note at checkout and we will allow for that.

Category: Sizing

The magic African knots make these bracelets very adjustable like very few other bracelets or bangles of any design. In the two knot versions, both knots slide. So slide them open before you put it on, then slide them closed to your comfort level once it is on your arm. The knots may be stiff at first on new ones. This is good since then they will stay tight longer. It works best if you can slide both knots at the same time and rate, though this is not necessary.

Another trick (especially if you are alone) is to put your hand firmly on a cloth covered table, so it holds at least one of the knots, while you gentle slide the other knot. Do each one a little distance at a time and it will be nicely balanced when you are done.

For 3 knot bracelets, the middle knot is decorative only, so do not use or move it as part of putting on the bracelet. Of course, once it is on, you can position the third knot wherever you like, if it is able to slide.

For 4 knot bracelets, all 4 knots slide. But notice how they are grouped in pairs – with each member of a pair being at the ends of an area where there are overlapping strands. Treat each of these pairs just like a 2 knot bracelet above.

In all cases, adjust for comfort once it is on. Feel free to bend the main strands slightly to form your preferred shape around your wrist as very few of us actually have round arms – more like oval often.

Elephant Hair

Category: Elephant Hair

Sorry no. Trade in real elephant hair is now illegal in most of the world. Do not support the poachers.

Category: Elephant Hair

Our bracelets are made of a synthetic material that we then hand process to give it a genuine hair look.


Category: Silver

Our bracelets are made from Argentium 935 tarnish resistant sterling silver so will retain their lustre longer.


Category: Cleaning

REgular cleaning is advised for all materials. Use a toothbrush, hot water and dish washing soap will do the job.


Category: Shipping

Sorry no. My studio is way up in the mountains and it is hard to get to a Fedex location in time. But we do use priority mail as needed for US and UPS or Priority Mail internationally.

Category: Shipping

No we do not ship to South Africa because of the unreliability of the postal system. Contact a local South African supplier instead?

Category: Shipping

Sorry we cannot ship to some remote countries that have unreliable postal services. Please contact us in advance.

Category: Shipping

We try to ship all orders within 5-7 days. If you need it more urgently please select priority shipping and drop me a note.


Category: Returns

We will refund, exchange or repair any product return to us within 90 days of purchase.

Hat Bands

Category: Hat Bands

Please provide your hat circumference where the band will sit and whether you want the knots to be paired up in front or in the side.

Earrings and Pendants

Yes, we will try handle your special request as long as it is in a similar design to the rest of our offerings. We are not full service jewelers.

Sorry no. Our designs only allow for pierced ears at this time.

Can I order a chain with the pendant? Yes, please see products – usually it is at end?

Leather cords are provided free with any pendant if you ask for it.

My brother produced hundreds of designs during his lifetime. We are able to replicate many of these if you can send us a picture or detailed description.


Category: Rings

Please see the ring sizing chart on the ring category page.


Category: Materials

Do you offer real giraffe hair bracelets? Sorry these are no longer available and have recently been put on the wild animal banned trade list. But the artificial hair we use looks just like regular giraffe hair or medium thickness elephant hair.

Category: Materials

Most people – even those who never take them off – say they last for over 10 years. Even for the artificial elephant hair as long as it is not cut with a very sharp object.

Category: Materials

We use 20/14KY gold fill wire on all our gold jewelry unless it specifically says 14KY Solid Gold. It will look and test as solid gold, however, as the outer 20% is real gold. This is much thicker than plated gold which can wear off.

Category: Materials

Rose gold is also known as pink gold. An elegant slightly different color with all the same properties as Yellow Gold Fill.

Category: Materials

Yes, copper will naturally change its patina overtime from the bright shiny new color to eventually a green and black patina. Because of the sliding knots we cannot coat them to preserve the original color. But you can use household copper polish on them at any time.

Legends of Africa

Category: Legends of Africa

Many jewelers have played with or enhanced the designs of their African elephant hair style bangles and bracelet. We pride ourselves on often being rated as the most typical designs from East or Southern Africa. In large part this is because we use fully rounded wire throughout for comfort, strength and longevity and therefore we do not need to embellish the knots for extra strength.

In addition, we learned from importing thousands of bracelets from Kenya and South Africa before they were unable to supply us with the quality, materials and many variations in sizing that African aficionados want today.

Category: Legends of Africa

There are many stories about the knots and their significance. A popular one is the chief gave these bracelets to his wives. Others say he made two knot bracelets if he had two wives, three if he had three wives, four if he had four wives, etc.


Category: Necklaces

Necklaces are based on the same magic sliding knots of Africa. Please enter your neck collar size – it is usually the same size as your collar dress shirt. This will allow the necklace to be worn tightly like a choker, or looser like a short chain necklace/

Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry