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Spectacular Sunsets in Africa

Sometimes when I see the pictures of modern African safaris I worry that the lodges and other facilities are becoming too civilized, too westernized. Then I remember that feeling of falling asleep under canvas while listening to the amazing sounds of nature. It is something no big city will ever be able to replicate.

And in particular, as many a painter or photographer will tell you, the light is different there. No one can exactly put their finger on it, but if you have a good eye for art you can see and feel a painting that was made by the artist in Africa vs one painted from a photograph, even if it was after a trip into the bush.

The same goes for paintings of wildlife. A lion is a lion right, wherever he is? Not so. His great mane, the glint in his eyes, his cubs playing nearby, all look different and take on a much more majestic hue and aura in Africa than a similar scene in a zoo in the USA or Canada or Europe.

Photo with thanks from AA Lodge Kenya.

I remember not being able to sleep well the first night on my cheap safari to Botswana because of the bright moonlight shining across the plains. Later I would learn to sleep close to the LandRover so I could put my head underneath it to get some moon shade! But every night when the sun went down it was almost a mystical break at the end of the day.

All around the world people love to watch sunsets, but where else are they so rich and vibrant? Where else do they illuminate great shadows and shapes of the simple local African trees and other fauna? Where else do they so clearly indicate the heat of the day is over and now you can drift off to dinner and sleep in peace knowing nature is more wonderful than any of man’s creations.

Feel your silver or gold elephant hair knot bracelet tonight as the sun sets wherever you are and use it as a memory talisman of the days you spent in south Sahara Africa.

Does Your Old Man Wander Alone?

I took this photo on safari in Botswana almost 50 years ago, yet I remember the moment very clearly. We took a break from viewing wildlife to photograph the incredible stillness, peacefulness and calm in the reflections of a magic spot in the Okavango delta. I had wandered off from the rest of the party in search of a better camera angle when suddenly this giant old bull elephant came out of the trees, took one look at me, and then simply started to drink a lot of water. Notice how disguised he is. While I never saw or heard him coming out of the trees, I am sure he knew I was there all along!

elephant hair bracelet for Father's Day

After viewing big herds of elephants many other times on the trip, it always seemed so strange to see such big creatures wandering around alone. It is almost sad because you know they were once welcomed into a big herd, especially at mating season. Now no one needed them, yet they are usually still strong and will live a long, lonesome life while the matriarchs run the herds and frolic with all the younger ones in the river. And you know they remember the good times since an elephant famously never forgets. Like humans, they have very big brains and theirs is also in two sections so as to increase the surface area where all the important receptors and memory cells interact.

Do take a moment every so often to remember your own father so he is not alone with his own thoughts, even if he lives in a communal environment. If he ever lived or visited Africa, maybe some elephant related message or product would be appreciated.

Elephant hair knot bracelets are great examples of such items as they may be worn daily by men or women and make great birthday and Father’s Day gifts. Nowadays they are usually made of silver or gold or artificial elephant hair. Just be sure to not support the poachers by purchasing real elephant hair or ivory products.

Martin Foden

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How big is an African elephant?

Elephant knot bracelets are for ladies and men

I have fond memories of going to the circus as a teenager. Back in the days when they had lots of animal acts and really did set up the Big Top in a neighborhood park. In particular, I remember the finale parade at the end while the band played one last rousing number, and an elephant with a pretty girl riding it. She smiled directly at me.

Not only was that the first pretty girl that smiled at me, but also I realized she was riding on his neck without a saddle. Now, of course, today it is obvious to me it was an Indian elephant. Yes, even in South Africa they had Indian elephants in the circus.

Big elephants are celebrated with big elephant hair knot bracelets and bangles

It wasn’t until many years later when I went on a proper safari to Botswana that I got to see my first African elephant. And boy was he big. I say “he” because he was alone whereas a female elephant would have been with the herd. Not sure what happened to my own photograph but this one here depicts almost the perfect scene we experienced. It seemed like our Land Rover had shrunk. I even remember thinking the big bull elephant could have probably stepped right over us, roof rack included, if he was of a mind to do so.

Needless to say we were very quiet and moved slowly. I think we were all holding our breath as we enjoyed this example of the largest species that roams Africa, all the while praying he kept on trying to find his 350lb daily fill of vegetation rather than showing any aggression towards our two vehicles.

How big do you want your elephant hair knot bracelet?

Nowadays I make elephant hair knot bracelets in a variety of different sizes specifically for my customers. They all have the magic sliding knots based on the designs of the original real elephant hair ones made by the herdsmen in the bushes so they have plenty of room to move. But there is a big difference between the wrist of a thin lady or a teenager with a tiny wrist of 6″ (15cm) or so, and a big man with a 9″ (22.8cm) wrist say. So I make them in Small (for the slender folks), Large (typically for big men or very big women’s wrists) and Medium for everyone else.

Better still, if you pick your nearest size but then measure your own wrist circumference, at the point on your arm where you will wear it, and include this number with your order, then I will make you a custom one specifically to that size. Do realize that four knot models are very hard to make in small sizes, as the knots run into each other when it is in the closed position on your arm, so a two or three knot version might work better in such a case.

P.S. Large often only goes up to 8″ (20.3cm) wrists, so please specify if you need one even bigger.

Elephant hair bracelet gifts for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

An elephant never forgets is a well known fact. Which is exactly why an elephant style knot bracelet makes such a remembered gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation Day and many other such special occasions. We are happy to offer even more new combinations of sterling 935 silver and gold (yellow or rose) and copper and artificial elephant hair this year, in addition to our standard offerings in many different sizes and weights

Gifts for him bracelets

Each one is a handmade original but will closely approximate the photos on this website. Provide your exact wrist circumference (if known) for an even better fit. All bracelets made with fully rounded wire for maximum strength and comfort. Available in lightweight 3 strand, standard 5 strand, king size 7 strands as well as petite cub 5 strands for more delicate wear.

A full herd of elephant hair bracelets

Image of elephant hair bracelets and bangles

I recently made this ugly display board to show customers at the Safari Show how many different options I now offer of our popular elephant hair knot bracelets. But no one seemed to care or notice. They simply honed in on whichever one caught their fancy and promptly tried it on.

So next time I will make a much more elegant display to show off the quality of the work here and not be so rigid about arranging them by categories which very few people care about. However, if you haven’t been scouring this website, or the internet, this layout shows you that today these bracelets come in petite (SimbCub – more delicate wire) or Simba Lightweight (only 3 strands – silver or gold) or Simba Standard (5 strands – silver or gold) or Simba King (7 strands – silver or gold) or Simbele (5 strands of artificial elephant hair with silver or gold knots).

Gold choices include 20/14KY yellow gold fill or 20/14KY Rose gold fill or even solid yellow 14KY gold. In all cases, the silver is Argentium 935 sterling silver that is tarnish-resistant. And, of course, all the many combinations of these materials – most of which were first asked for by specific customers. If your combo idea is not here (which I doubt) I would be happy to make it for you. And all of them (except very small sizes) in 2, 3 or 4 knot versions.

Not shown here are the copper variations nor the baby sizes and the earrings and pendants to match – all of which have the same magic African slide knots.

Where else can you get such a variety of slide knot bracelets that fit men or women, and now even babies? No clasps to wrestle with nor chances of losing it like a bangle or bracelet that doesn’t fit right. And quality gold fill, which is thousands of times thicker and longer-lasting than gold plating. In fact, it tests as real gold on my gold meter – since the outer 20% is real gold!

All bracelets are made to order and so each is a unique original that will approximate the ones shown in the photos. Pick your closest size and then send me your exact wrist circumference and I will make it specifically for you for an even better fit.

My heart is still in Africa but these are made in California for direct sales throughout the Americas and Europe.

Remember trading in real elephant and giraffe hair products is now illegal worldwide unless you have a Cites permit. Do not buy real hair any other way – we have to stop the poachers.

A herd of elephant hair bracelets

As we head into the Xmas season I am surprised myself by the great variety of elephant hair knot bracelets I am now able to offer. The interesting thing is many of these were requested or thought of by customers or other partners. My brother was the first to show me elephant hair knot bracelets with silver knots. Since I can’t tie the knots with artificial elephant hair, this has turned out to be very convenient. Now we have them in silver and gold and rose gold, with two, three or four knots.

In addition, artificial elephant hair makes a nice contrast to hard metals like silver and gold. So I came up with silver and hair combos, as well as gold and silver combos. Then some lady at Dallas Safari Show said “Why not do a silver, gold and hair version?” And thus the tritone series was born.

No it is not real elephant hair. But real hair is illegal unless you have a Cites permit to trade in hair, and these are exorbitantly expensive unless you had one to hunt your own elephant. Please folks, don’t buy them off a street corner and smuggle them back into Europe or USA. You are just supporting the poachers. Help protect the elephants in the wild – or else wear one and boast to your friends you have poached bracelets.

Of course, we still offer them in many metals styles: Argentium 935 tarnish resistant sterling silver, yellow or rose gold fill, copper an solid yellow gold. In newer fine wire for petite and delicate ladies, regular full rounded gauge wire for men and women in lightweight 3 strands, standard 5 strands or kingsize 7 strands. With 2, 3 or 4 knots.

While all bracelets are highly adjustable, for a better fit specify small, medium or large at order time and I will make it specifically for you. Please send your exact wrist circumference if you can.

Note all our bracelets are made of fully rounded wire, with no lose ends or fly out wires to catch or wear out. We have been called the closest match to those from East Africa – which they should be as I imported hundreds from East Africa and from my brother in South Africa before I couldn’t get them in the real metals and sizes the market demanded and so I learned to make them myself.

Each one is thus a unique hand made original in California but with an African heart.

See them all in our shop of Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets or see them on Etsy at SafariGoldJewelry.

Martin Foden

SimbaCub petite new line of elephant hair knot bracelets

Too late for Mother’s Day, but better late than never, we are pleased to finally release a whole new set of bracelets in the popular sliding knots style based on elephant hair bracelets from East and Southern Africa.

New petite line of elephant hair knot bracelets and matching earrings

These are specifically for the ladies who wanted something more petite and refined, even if they are a bit more delicate and not designed for rugged all day wear like the rest of the Simba collection. In fact, we held up this announcement until we had feedback from a good cross section of lady customers.

The initial release includes all silver models, silver with gold knots, silver and gold combo and all gold fill. Prices vary from $60 to $95 so they are not only lighter and smaller, they are also more affordable. For immediate availability please see or

See us in Mariposa this weekend

Show2016FlyerStop by the lovely Yosemite Gateway town of Mariposa and visit us at their annual Gem Faire this weekend Apr 9 and 10.  At the California State Mining & Mineral Museum located in the County Fairgrounds. See for more details.

Or make a note to see us in June at the KPFA summer arts and crafts fair.


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