A full herd of elephant hair bracelets

Image of elephant hair bracelets and bangles

I recently made this ugly display board to show customers at the Safari Show how many different options I now offer of our popular elephant hair knot bracelets. But no one seemed to care or notice. They simply honed in on whichever one caught their fancy and promptly tried it on.

So next time I will make a much more elegant display to show off the quality of the work here and not be so rigid about arranging them by categories which very few people care about. However, if you haven’t been scouring this website, or the internet, this layout shows you that today these bracelets come in petite (SimbCub – more delicate wire) or Simba Lightweight (only 3 strands – silver or gold) or Simba Standard (5 strands – silver or gold) or Simba King (7 strands – silver or gold) or Simbele (5 strands of artificial elephant hair with silver or gold knots).

Gold choices include 20/14KY yellow gold fill or 20/14KY Rose gold fill or even solid yellow 14KY gold. In all cases, the silver is Argentium 935 sterling silver that is tarnish-resistant. And, of course, all the many combinations of these materials – most of which were first asked for by specific customers. If your combo idea is not here (which I doubt) I would be happy to make it for you. And all of them (except very small sizes) in 2, 3 or 4 knot versions.

Not shown here are the copper variations nor the baby sizes and the earrings and pendants to match – all of which have the same magic African slide knots.

Where else can you get such a variety of slide knot bracelets that fit men or women, and now even babies? No clasps to wrestle with nor chances of losing it like a bangle or bracelet that doesn’t fit right. And quality gold fill, which is thousands of times thicker and longer-lasting than gold plating. In fact, it tests as real gold on my gold meter – since the outer 20% is real gold!

All bracelets are made to order and so each is a unique original that will approximate the ones shown in the photos. Pick your closest size and then send me your exact wrist circumference and I will make it specifically for you for an even better fit.

My heart is still in Africa but these are made in California for direct sales throughout the Americas and Europe.

Remember trading in real elephant and giraffe hair products is now illegal worldwide unless you have a Cites permit. Do not buy real hair any other way – we have to stop the poachers.

Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry