A herd of elephant hair bracelets

As we head into the Xmas season I am surprised myself by the great variety of elephant hair knot bracelets I am now able to offer. The interesting thing is many of these were requested or thought of by customers or other partners. My brother was the first to show me elephant hair knot bracelets with silver knots. Since I can’t tie the knots with artificial elephant hair, this has turned out to be very convenient. Now we have them in silver and gold and rose gold, with two, three or four knots.

In addition, artificial elephant hair makes a nice contrast to hard metals like silver and gold. So I came up with silver and hair combos, as well as gold and silver combos. Then some lady at Dallas Safari Show said “Why not do a silver, gold and hair version?” And thus the tritone series was born.

No it is not real elephant hair. But real hair is illegal unless you have a Cites permit to trade in hair, and these are exorbitantly expensive unless you had one to hunt your own elephant. Please folks, don’t buy them off a street corner and smuggle them back into Europe or USA. You are just supporting the poachers. Help protect the elephants in the wild – or else wear one and boast to your friends you have poached bracelets.

Of course, we still offer them in many metals styles: Argentium 935 tarnish resistant sterling silver, yellow or rose gold fill, copper an solid yellow gold. In newer fine wire for petite and delicate ladies, regular full rounded gauge wire for men and women in lightweight 3 strands, standard 5 strands or kingsize 7 strands. With 2, 3 or 4 knots.

While all bracelets are highly adjustable, for a better fit specify small, medium or large at order time and I will make it specifically for you. Please send your exact wrist circumference if you can.

Note all our bracelets are made of fully rounded wire, with no lose ends or fly out wires to catch or wear out. We have been called the closest match to those from East Africa – which they should be as I imported hundreds from East Africa and from my brother in South Africa before I couldn’t get them in the real metals and sizes the market demanded and so I learned to make them myself.

Each one is thus a unique hand made original in California but with an African heart.

See them all in our shop of Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets or see them on Etsy at SafariGoldJewelry.

Martin Foden

Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry