How big is an African elephant?

Elephant knot bracelets are for ladies and men

I have fond memories of going to the circus as a teenager. Back in the days when they had lots of animal acts and really did set up the Big Top in a neighborhood park. In particular, I remember the finale parade at the end while the band played one last rousing number, and an elephant with a pretty girl riding it. She smiled directly at me.

Not only was that the first pretty girl that smiled at me, but also I realized she was riding on his neck without a saddle. Now, of course, today it is obvious to me it was an Indian elephant. Yes, even in South Africa they had Indian elephants in the circus.

Big elephants are celebrated with big elephant hair knot bracelets and bangles

It wasn’t until many years later when I went on a proper safari to Botswana that I got to see my first African elephant. And boy was he big. I say “he” because he was alone whereas a female elephant would have been with the herd. Not sure what happened to my own photograph but this one here depicts almost the perfect scene we experienced. It seemed like our Land Rover had shrunk. I even remember thinking the big bull elephant could have probably stepped right over us, roof rack included, if he was of a mind to do so.

Needless to say we were very quiet and moved slowly. I think we were all holding our breath as we enjoyed this example of the largest species that roams Africa, all the while praying he kept on trying to find his 350lb daily fill of vegetation rather than showing any aggression towards our two vehicles.

How big do you want your elephant hair knot bracelet?

Nowadays I make elephant hair knot bracelets in a variety of different sizes specifically for my customers. They all have the magic sliding knots based on the designs of the original real elephant hair ones made by the herdsmen in the bushes so they have plenty of room to move. But there is a big difference between the wrist of a thin lady or a teenager with a tiny wrist of 6″ (15cm) or so, and a big man with a 9″ (22.8cm) wrist say. So I make them in Small (for the slender folks), Large (typically for big men or very big women’s wrists) and Medium for everyone else.

Better still, if you pick your nearest size but then measure your own wrist circumference, at the point on your arm where you will wear it, and include this number with your order, then I will make you a custom one specifically to that size. Do realize that four knot models are very hard to make in small sizes, as the knots run into each other when it is in the closed position on your arm, so a two or three knot version might work better in such a case.

P.S. Large often only goes up to 8″ (20.3cm) wrists, so please specify if you need one even bigger.

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