3 Knot 5 Strands Copper Bracelet


Some people report medical benefits from wearing copper. Some think it is African voodoo – but then again – if it works, why not? Certainly can’t hurt, and at worst will look different and interesting. Bright shiny copper here will show color change as it ages and the patina comes out.


Simba 3305 3knot copper braceletThe legend of Africa lives on through these very affordable copper bracelets. Now in bright shiny new full round wire copper. This is the standard 5 strands with 2 knots model plus an added knot for appearances only where the strands do not overlap. The other 2 knots are fully adjustable. If the bracelet rotates one way you have the extra copper showing from the overlapping strands, or you have this extra knot on just the 5 strands the other way.

Africa is the world’s premier source of copper, and these bracelets will let you know you have not just a metal from the source, but an old African traditional design. Fully adjustable so more copper touches your skin than the average bangle, if that is what you want.

Now in heavier round copper wire for a more elegant finish and weight. Large open very wide for biggest man’s hand and wrist. Small recommended for ladies (unless you are full bodied). Copper patina will change over time. Rate of change depends on environment and how you polish and store it.
These make great gifts for the groomsmen in your wedding party. Also for the older golfer or man with stiff wrists from working all day.

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