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Your simple smaller elephant hair knot style bracelets. Bright shiny sterling 930 Argentium tarnish resistant with 3 strands of silver and matching pair of knots in the magic African slide style. Very adjustable, but pick your size for a better fit. Even custom sizes on request.

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Simba303 silver 3 strand fine knot braceletFor a thinner lighter weight of our classic African knot bracelets, enjoy this model with three strands of silver and two silver knots. Also ideal for teenagers. Or wear two of them together for another great look.

Finest sterling 930 Argentium tarnish resistant silver. Can always be polished back to super brightness if need be. All wires are fully rounded, not half rounded that can pinch and be very susceptible to bending.

Also known as African Love Knot bracelets or The Legend of Africa bracelets.

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