3 Strands Silver with 2 Strands of Gold


Your simple, elegant elephant hair knot style bracelet here in 3 strands of silver and 2 strands of gold. One silver and one gold knot for a stunning contrast.


Silver and Gold Elephant hair bangleSee this super elegant 3 strand tarnish resistant 930 silver alternating with 2 gold 20/14KY fill strands. One silver knot. One gold knot.

One silver knot. One gold knot.

Finest sterling 930 Argentium tarnish resistant silver. Can always be polished back to super brightness if need be. Gold is 14/20KY gold fill – much stronger than gold plating, and a lot cheaper than 100% gold.

Also known as African Love Knot bracelets or The Legend of Africa bracelets or Elephant Hair Bangles.

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Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry