Copper & Silver Narrow 3 strand Bracelet


Some people report medical benefits from wearing copper. Some think it is African voodoo – but then again – if it works, why not? Certainly can’t hurt, and at worst will look different and interesting. Bright shiny copper here sparkles with the subtle accent of 1 silver strand and 2 silver knots. How will it look as the patinas change? Only you will know and yours will be different to others.


Copper and silver narrow bracelet in elephant hair knot styleNeed the feel and power of copper, but wanting to add a touch of silver class too? This narrow duo combo model has 2 strands of bright shiny copper (that will change patinas) and 1 embedded strandsof sterling 930 tarnish resistant silver strands. Both knots are silver for a more elegant look.

Africa is the world’s premier source of copper, and these bracelets will let you know you have not just a metal from the source, but an old African traditional design. Fully adjustable so more copper touches your skin than the average bangle, if that is what you want.

Rate of change depends on environment and how you polish and store it.
Originally a custom order, I think more of you will like these too.

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Sml, Med, Lrg

Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry