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Africans are going on Safari – at last

An interesting recent article on, The African Wildlife Federation, is that now more and more Africans are themselves going on Safari. This makes me really smile, as a I specifically went on a safari trip before I left Africa. Yes I always wanted to do a real photo safari and not just a drive through a game park. But also when people asked me about wildlife in Africa I could talk with some confidence and tell stories about my few weeks under canvas. It was still the best trip of my life when I was single and I hope to take my now grown boys next year.

Of course, we were in SoutJoin African Wildlife Federationhern Africa and had ready access to the Kruger National Park, the Lion Park, and many others. But for real wildlife we went off to Botswana where the wildlife is in such abundance and the natural inland delta is so magical. Ask me some time about the night the elephants came through camp. Not to worry, my tent mate had zipped up the little pup tent really tight to protect us from the lions. And even our ranger did not have a gun.

Anyway, fun to see the rest of Africa discovering what many a European, American or other tourist already knows. You can’t beat African for nature and wildlife.  See full story.

Another great reason to join the Africa Wildlife Foundation is their fabulous pictures and videos of African. Award winning photos on every page of their calendar. So darn cute this picture on the cover. Now think what it took to capture such a shot out in the wild.

Cute little Meerkat collection makes its debut

Meerkat pendant in silverWhen you think Safari and Africa, you usually think big and wild animals. But as the Nature Channel, Disney and National Geographic have show the world, there are also cute little critters like the Meerkats of Namibia and South Africa to amuse and entertain us. Found only in these South West parts of Africa, some have called them the weasels of Africa.

Well they are a bit bigger than you think, often standing up to 2ft tall when they come out to hunt and get some sun. They stand up on their hind legs and use their tails for balance, just like kangaroos do.

MeerkatBigHiveEarrings7301BSee our collection and select a simple pendant or earrings set for that person in your circle of friends who like cuteness. One lady even told me that seeing the meerkats was the highlight of her trip to the Seattle zoo many years ago.

These animals are very communal which makes us think of making a wider piece with a whole family or collection of them in different poses?  What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions?

Also, would you like to see these in gold too?

Zoos have their place in conservation too

Cheetah Babies image

Credit: CBS and Petr David Josek/AP

While some of us are privileged to see wildlife in their natural habitat, that is not a blessing for all. But who can forget all those trips to the zoo as a child, or as a parent / grandparent with small kids in tow.

My parents even had to spell out the word to each other when they were preparing to set out, or us kids would jump around and go crazy if we heard the word zoo. I still remember the lions from our local zoo – and that was when I was barely of school age!

Anyway, CBS news has done us all a great favor by showing a collection of fine photos of zoo animal babies up close and in person. Something almost no one experiences out in the wild. And don’t worry, all these animals are well cared for day and night and are the best of the best educational resource – since people react so differently to live animals.


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Only an elephant needs an ivory tusk

No ivory poaching please
I have finally found a good picture and headline to illustrate what is an obvious story to some. And a big question mark for others. yes we sell elephant hair bracelets – but we mean “elephant hair style” not real elephant hair. We have never touched real hair and don’t plan to do it. Yes I know you can buy them on the street side in Africa.. but where does the hair come from? Unlike ivory it cannot be traced – so in most cases of big clumps of it the hair is from a poached elephant nowadays.

These lovely, grand, magnificent creatures need the support of all so that they may endure forever.  The Vietnamese people (yes, in particular nowadays) seem to be able to breed prolifically anyway – without the superstitious powers and collection of ivory from elephants and also rhino horns.

You can just as easily celebrate their existence and the old magic sliding knots design from the old tribal herdsmen with a similar bracelet made from artificial elephant hair or copper, silver or gold wire.

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