Does Your Old Man Wander Alone?

I took this photo on safari in Botswana almost 50 years ago, yet I remember the moment very clearly. We took a break from viewing wildlife to photograph the incredible stillness, peacefulness and calm in the reflections of a magic spot in the Okavango delta. I had wandered off from the rest of the party in search of a better camera angle when suddenly this giant old bull elephant came out of the trees, took one look at me, and then simply started to drink a lot of water. Notice how disguised he is. While I never saw or heard him coming out of the trees, I am sure he knew I was there all along!

elephant hair bracelet for Father's Day

After viewing big herds of elephants many other times on the trip, it always seemed so strange to see such big creatures wandering around alone. It is almost sad because you know they were once welcomed into a big herd, especially at mating season. Now no one needed them, yet they are usually still strong and will live a long, lonesome life while the matriarchs run the herds and frolic with all the younger ones in the river. And you know they remember the good times since an elephant famously never forgets. Like humans, they have very big brains and theirs is also in two sections so as to increase the surface area where all the important receptors and memory cells interact.

Do take a moment every so often to remember your own father so he is not alone with his own thoughts, even if he lives in a communal environment. If he ever lived or visited Africa, maybe some elephant related message or product would be appreciated.

Elephant hair knot bracelets are great examples of such items as they may be worn daily by men or women and make great birthday and Father’s Day gifts. Nowadays they are usually made of silver or gold or artificial elephant hair. Just be sure to not support the poachers by purchasing real elephant hair or ivory products.

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