Africans are going on Safari – at last

An interesting recent article on, The African Wildlife Federation, is that now more and more Africans are themselves going on Safari. This makes me really smile, as a I specifically went on a safari trip before I left Africa. Yes I always wanted to do a real photo safari and not just a drive through a game park. But also when people asked me about wildlife in Africa I could talk with some confidence and tell stories about my few weeks under canvas. It was still the best trip of my life when I was single and I hope to take my now grown boys next year.

Of course, we were in SoutJoin African Wildlife Federationhern Africa and had ready access to the Kruger National Park, the Lion Park, and many others. But for real wildlife we went off to Botswana where the wildlife is in such abundance and the natural inland delta is so magical. Ask me some time about the night the elephants came through camp. Not to worry, my tent mate had zipped up the little pup tent really tight to protect us from the lions. And even our ranger did not have a gun.

Anyway, fun to see the rest of Africa discovering what many a European, American or other tourist already knows. You can’t beat African for nature and wildlife.  See full story.

Another great reason to join the Africa Wildlife Foundation is their fabulous pictures and videos of African. Award winning photos on every page of their calendar. So darn cute this picture on the cover. Now think what it took to capture such a shot out in the wild.

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