Big Gold Elephant Hair 7/14 Strand Chief 3 Knot Bracelet


Our top of the line signature 7 strand elephant hair Big Chief 3 bracelet in 14K/20 yellow gold – and 3 knots. The new gold standard in fully rounded wire that will not pinch or scratch like half round wire. It gives you 14 strands at overlapping section for a big, bold confident statement. Please see 5 strand or 3 strand products if you are not so audacious. They are also in fully rounded wire, not wimpy half round weight.


3 knot gold bracelet with 7 strands Big Chief 3

3 knot gold bracelet with 7 strands Big Chief 3

Thanks to the magic of new gold fill wire we are able to offer our top of the line gold knot bracelets. And this model is our Chieftain King 3 with 7 strands of pure round 14KY gold fill wire – 14 strands if you count at the overlapping sections. And 3 flat knots with no out flying wires to catch or bend.

Fully adjustable with the magic slide love knots of Africa – but please select size for an even better fit.  Sorry not available in size small as there is no room to work such a wide bracelet and still have the knots work.

Gold Fill wire is at least 20% real 14K yellow gold, making it thousands of times better than plated gold. Even the experts are fooled unless they have a very sensitive scale!

Note: Third knot is decorative only. It may slide a little – but plays no role in the sizing mechanism.

For the Dad or Grad who really wants some gold to show off.

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