SimbaCub petite 3knot silver African bracelet


Petite, elegant and lighter weight this all Argentium Sterling 935 Silver bracelet is mainly for special occasions or gentle everyday wear. But still a traditional elephant hair knot style with 3 silver knots. Super smart and may be easily worn with other fine pieces.

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Elephant hair knot bracelet silverWhen our big rugged bracelets are a bit too much for the occasion or your demure figure, then this lightweight petite bracelet may be the elegant solution. You will remember Africa perhaps by their East African style but in a quieter and more subtle style.

Not designed for tough or all day wear.  A traditional 5 strands model but in fully rounded fine wire. 10 stands where they overlap. Provide your exact wrist circumference with order and we will tweak one specifically for you. Each a unique handmade original but will approximate photo.

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