SimbaCub petite gold & silver combo 2 gold knot bracelet


Petite, elegant and lighter weight this gold and silver combo with 2 gold knots bracelet is mainly for special occasions or gentle everyday wear. Super smart may be easily worn with other fine silver or gold pieces. Ideal gift for a lady for any occasion.   Note: Temp pictures to show designs. Proper pics shortly.


Petite gold and silver bangleWhen our big rugged bracelets are a bit too much for the occasion or your demure figure, then this lightweight petite bracelet may be the elegant solution especially if you like more gold and just a touch of silver strands. It is a combination of 3 strands 20/14KY gold fill and 2 of Argentium 935 sterling silver, with both knots in gold. Petite and elegant and fully adjustable in African traditional legend style.

5 strands design in fine wire. 10 stands where they overlap. Not designed for tough or rugged all day wear. Available in ladies small and medium only. Plus Baby size.    NOTE: Temp pictures to show design. Proper strand combos soon.

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Small, Medium, Baby

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