Narrow Trimetal Silver, Gold and Copper 3 strand bracelet


An elegant new trimetal look for all season- a silver, gold and copper special. This version is a narrow one for slender people in particular, or for those who just want a small taste of Africa. One strand silver, one strand gold and one strand copper. It will change color with time as the Argentium 935 sterling silver slowly tarnishes and the copper patina changes all the way from bright shiny new copper to more of a green/black.

One silver knot, one gold knot.


Silver and gold and copper bangleBy special customer request, this narrow lightweight 3 strand bracelet combines 3 metals seldom seen together in such close proximity: Silver, Gold and Copper strands.

This bracelet WILL change color as the silver slowly tarnishes and the copper changes its patina. Polishing will help return the luster and some of the original colors. Do let us know what you think as it changes.

Fully adjustable with the magic slide love knots of Africa – but please select size for an even better fit. Even send your exact wrist circumference size and I will tweak it for you specifically.

Gold Fill wire is at least 20% real yellow 14KY gold, making it thousands of times better than plated gold.


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