SimbaCub petite 4 knot silver elephant hair style bracelet


A smaller, elegant and lighter 4 knot bracelet with 5 strands of Argentium tarnish resistant sterling 935 silver wire. May be easily worn with other fine pieces. Ideal gift for any occasion. Note thin wires, not like in standard bracelets – and not as thick as they look in close up photos.


Closed view of silver lightweight Argentium 935 silver bangleThis version with 4 knots – all of which slide – lightweight petite bracelet may be the elegant solution when you want silver strands without the bulk and weight of our traditional bracelets. Made with finer strands of fully rounded Argentium sterling 935 silver wire.

5 strands design in fine wire. 10 strands where they overlap! Not designed for tough or rugged all day wear unless you are gentle on it.

Each one a handmade original, customized to your specific wrist if you send your own wrist circumference with a note at checkout.

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Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry