Silver Bracelet with 4 Gold Knots


The silver standard in elephant hair knot style bracelets with four  sliding gold knots. Bright shiny sterling 930 Argentium tarnish resistant silver and 14KY20 gold fill.

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The traditional and most popular form of knot bracelets from African, now with four gold knots for an elegant sparkle. Made from 5 strands of solid and round Argentium tarnish resistant 930 sterling silver, so no sharp edges to catch your hairs. Plus tight, flat knots with no loose wire loops to hook on sweaters, keys or cutlery. Use the sliding knots to open them to go over your hand then tighten up. Because of 4 knot work will not tighten as close as 2 or 3 knot models in very small sizes.

Finest sterling 930 Argentium tarnish resistant silver. Can always be polished back to super brightness if need be. Gold Fill wire is 20% pure 14K gold, much more durable and realistic than gold plating. Tests as pure gold, except by weight on a very accurate scale.

Also known as African Love 4 Gold Knot bracelets or The Legend of Africa bracelets.

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