Gold Elephant Hair 4 Knot Bracelet


Our top of the line signature elephant hair knot bracelet in 14K/20 yellow gold. The new gold standard in five strands and four gold knots.


Thanks to the magic of new gold fill wire we are able to offer our top of the line 4 knot gold bracelets at affordable prices. 5 strands and in this format with 4 knots

Fully adjustable with the magic slide love knots of Africa – but please select size for an even better fit. In this configuration only, will not close down to extra small as there is not enough room for the knots to maneuver.

Gold Fill wire is at least 20% real 14K yellow gold, making it thousands of times better than plated gold. Even the experts are fooled unless they have a very sensitive scale!

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Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry