Africa Outline with gem marks the spot


Africa outline shape with gemstoneSterling silver shiny medium Africa continent outline with gemstone to mark a special coastal country. Sample here shows a diamond over South Africa.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA lovely shiny Africa sterling silver outline to show your love or interest in Africa – with a gemstone to mark your favorite country or area – in a choice of gemstones.

Select from emerald (green), ruby (red), tanzonite (blue), citrine (yellow) or diamond (clear) little 0.2mm. These are all cubic zirconia gemstones that are big enough to mark the spot but not to dominate.

Tarnish resistant sterling 930 silver. Hand made in slightly thicker silver than our usual pendants in order to hold the stone.

Select stone when you put item in your shopping cart. Drop us a note at checkout about which country/area you want the marker placed.

NOTE: With this design we can only really mark coastal countries of course. See solid Africa otherwise.

3cm tall – approx 1 1/4″

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Ruby, Emerald, Tanzonite, Citrine, Diamond

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