Other names discovered for African bracelets

On this site we have many “elephant hair knot” bracelets. Well that is what we commonly call them though none today are made of real elephant hair – because most hair available is from poaching – plus it is illegal for international trade.

However we continue to find that different visitors to Africa have different names for these bracelets. Now we learn some people simply call them Kenyan Bracelets, even if they bought their’s in Zambia or Tanzania say. And we know for sure they were made in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia for almost as long as in East Africa.

Silver, gold and elephant hair knot braceletSometimes we just like to call them the magic sliding knots bracelets. After all, our Tritone versions are a direct result of customer requests at the Dallas Safari Show and have become rather popular. They provide a three colored taste of Africa, even though that combination with gold would never be seen on the Serengeti Plains or Okavango Delta.

Elephant Hair Knot Bracelets and Safari Jewelry