The Kavango Collection

In the North East corner of Botswcheetah gold jewelry set bangle earrings and neckpieceana, a land-locked country in Southern Africa, lies one of the most magical spots on earth. Voted one of the seven wonders of Africa, and a Unesco World Heritage site, the Okavango Delta is where the Okavango river ends. Yes, inland and miles from any ocean. As a result this area is a well irrigated patch of land in a rather dry area, other than when the seasonal floods arrive. Not only does the river bring water, but it also brings large amounts of natural nutrients because it flows so slowly and mostly has nowhere to go.

But for nature lovers it is a wildlife and bird life paradise. No where else on earth will you see such an abundance of wild game. No where else will you see so many varieties of birds from one location. Tourists and hunters (the few) are restricted to short visits so as to not overwhelm the area with massive developments. Its remoteness from other major centers have helped preserve it, plus the efforts of the Botswana government and neighboring countries. I remember fondly my camping photo safari there many years ago so I have put it back on my bucket list – along with the nearby Victoria Falls.

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To keep the attention on regional preservation, we have named our new silver and gold collection The Kavango Collection. Here are some of the first few items in the collection. All are 20/14KYgold fill on hand-textured Argentium 935 sterling silver. Each piece a unique, hand made, original with a natural rustic outdoor look.

And now the framed gold on silver and silver on gold pieces:

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