Tritone Elephant Hair 3 Knot Bracelet


A super elegant and fun tritone combination knot bracelet. Two strands of silver, two of gold and one of artificial elephant hair with 2 silver knots and 1 gold. Decorative fun of the highest degree. Extremely unique – never seen elsewhere from any other artisan.



Oh so super elegant. How about just one strand of artificial elephant hair as a contrast to the two full rounded strands of gold fill and two strands of tarnish resistant sterling silver, also in fully rounded wire? With two silver adjustable knots and one gold decorative knot.

Fully adjustable with the magic slide love knots of Africa – but please select size for an even better fit.

Gold Fill wire is at least 20% real yellow gold, making it thousands of times better than plated gold. Argentium sterling 930 silver is tarnish resistant.

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Fine Safari, Zoo & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence