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STDAddaGEM:  For standard (5 strand or 7 strand) silver or gold bracelets (or combos thereof). First select your bracelet and put in shopping cart then return here to select your choice(s) of  emerald (green), ruby (red), tanzanite (light blue), citrine (yellow), amethyst (purple), c/z diamond (clear) or sapphire (blue). All stones are 4mm rose cut (half dome) so they mount firmly and don’t get caught or damaged when your bracelet takes a beating in daily wear and wash.

Unless you are selecting the same gemstone on multiple knots you will need to return here for each selection and put them in shopping cart individually. For 3 knot bracelets, with only one gem selection we place it on middle knot.  With 2 gem selections, they go on outer two knots. For 3 gem selections please tell us which stone goes on center knot if they are not all the same.



Elephant hair bracelet with gemstonesShow an extra touch of love and sense of elegance by adding a gemstone to your next silver or gold elephant hair knot bracelet.

This selection for standard 5 strand or 7 strand silver or gold (or combo thereof) bracelets will provide you with the right 4mm stone and mounting.

Also known as African Love Knot bracelets or The Legend of Africa bracelets – so now we put some real love into them and extend the legends.

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Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Citrine, CZ Diamond, Amethyst

Fine Safari, Zoo & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence