Solid 14KY Gold 5 Strand 3 Knot Bracelet


Solid 14KY gold braceletSolid pure 14KY gold bracelet with 5 strands of fully rounded wire and three knots, also of fully rounded solid gold wire. For the gold connoisseur who wants that extra touch of an extra (decorative only) knot.

Custom hand made in California with an African heart- allow two weeks for delivery.  Pick the closest size you want, Small, Medium or Large, then provide your specific wrist circumference and it will be made to your exact dimensions.


Solid gold 3 knot braceletWhen nothing but the best will do, and you absolutely must have solid pure gold wire in your bracelet, we an extra knot for extra emphasis, then this might just do the trick.

Fully adjustable with the magic slide love knots of Africa – but please select size for an even better fit.

5 strands of solid pure 14KY solid fully rounded gold wire with three gold knots also of full round wire. Third knot is decorative only and does not affect sizing for opening or closing.

Each item custom made to your own dimensions. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. New pricing to reflect new greatly increased gold costs.

Also known as an adjustable bangle in elephant hair knot style. Unique 3 knot design only available here.

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Small, Medium, Large

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