Simbele Add a Gemstone


EleAddaGem:  For all artificial elephant hair bracelets (regardless of knot wire) ONLY.

First select your Simbele artificial elephant hair bracelet and put in shopping cart then return here to select your choice(s) of  emerald (green), ruby (red), tanzanite (light blue), citrine (yellow), amethyst (purple), c/z diamond (clear) or sapphire (blue). All stones are 4mm rose cut (half dome) so they mount firmly on the added little mounting slide and don’t get caught or damaged when your bracelet is worn regularly.




Gemstones from Africa for African braceletsShow an extra touch of love and sense of elegance by adding a gemstone to your next all artificial elephant hair knot bracelet.

Yes, we can put a silver band on the non-overlapping strand section of your all artificial hair bracelet and mount a lovely gemstone of your choice here to add a very special and unique sparkle. This selection will provide you with the right 4mm stone and mounting.

Only one gemstone per bracelet at this stage.

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Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Citrine, CZ Diamond, Amethyst

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