SimbaCub petite copper knot bracelet


Petite, elegant and lighter weight this all copper bracelet is mainly for gentle everyday or therapeutic wear. Smart enough to be worn with other jewelry as long as it doesn’t get banged about. Yes, copper wire can make elegant small pieces too.

Note copper patina will change over time. May be polished with common household copper polish.

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Want a touch of copper in a petite elegant form? When our big rugged bracelets are a bit too much for the occasion or your demure figure, then this lightweight petite bracelet may be the elegant solution. You will remember Africa perhaps by their East African style but in a quieter and more subtle style.

Not designed for tough or all-day wear. Available in ladies small and medium only plus baby size.

5 strands design in fine wire. 10 stands where they overlap.

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Small, Medium, Baby

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