Silver 3 Knot Bracelet with gemstone


Bright shiny sterling 930 Argentium tarnish resistant silver 3 knot bracelet in elephant hair style.

And a very special unique feature: A 4mm gemstone on the center third knot. Your choice of  emerald, ruby, tanzanite, citrine, amethyst, c/z diamond or sapphire. All stones are rose cut (half dome) so they mount firmly and don’t get caught or damaged when your bracelet takes a beating



Kenyan African Knot BraceletOur timeless,  standard and most popular model with two sliding knots, plus an extra decorative knot.  Five strands of silver with three silver knots and your choice  of gemstone on the middle center 3rd knot for an extra touch of class!

Finest sterling 930 Argentium tarnish resistant silver. Can always be polished back to super brightness if need be.

Also known as African Love Knot bracelets or The Legend of Africa bracelets.

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Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Citrine, Diamond, Amethyst

Fine Safari, Zoo & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence