Leopard on large claw neckpiece


Full 3D leopard charm on claw mounting necklaceMuseum quality lion claw replica. Very hard to tell it is not a real lion’s claw. As used by top taxidermists and curators. Copied from a real African male lion that has claws larger than almost any living species. Includes leopard charm that is stalking across the top in full solid 3D silver majesty and adjustable chain.

Each piece a unique hand made original but will closely resemble photo here. Contact us for other animals or added gemstones, etc.

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Full 3D leopard charm on claw mounting necklace

How about this spectacular large African lion claw neck piece? Yes the claw is faux, but no one will know because it is a museum quality replica as used by top taxidermists on giant male lions. Plus we have “aged” it a little to look even more real. By the time we have processed and fitted them, they all have different natural looking markings.

Tarnish resistant Argentium sterling 935 silver mounting. Then crowned with a full 3D solid silver walking lion charm.

5 x 5cm – approx 2″ by 2″     18″ adjustable chain included.

No live animals were affected in any manner in the procurement and production of this faux lion claw.



Fine Safari & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence