Kavango Silver Buffalo in silver frame necklace


Ideal gift for the Big 5 collector in your family. A  hand textured Argentium 935 tarnish resistant sterling silver buffalo overlays a shiny mouth shaped frame.  Large bale will fit most chains or cords. Not for the faint of heart – but great if you want to make a real statement about your love for buffalo and the message to not mess with them they convey.

Found throughout sub-Sahara Africa and particularly seen in the Okavango region of Botswana, so we think it is very appropriate to make them part of our Kavango Collection.

Each item is a hand made unique original but will closely approximate the photo here.



Buffalo pendant necklaceA big mean looking brushed silver buffalo on mouth shaped shiny sterling frame glowers out a mean message to tell everyone to watch out. Goes great on any chain or cord. Large  free swinging bale allows for thicker cords or chains to hold this lovely elephant pendant. Approx 2.25″ wide and 1.25″ tall.

Fine Safari, Zoo & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence