Kavango Lion


There is a reason lions are called the king of the jungle. Their whole demeaner in the wild, and towards the tourists snapping away, is so regal. Great big prides of them can still be seen today in the Okavango Delta in Botswana so we had to feature them in this collection. A cute little hand textured Argentium 935 tarnish resistant sterling silver pendant with overlayed 20/14KY gold fill image of  a lion with mane. Each item is a hand made unique original but will closely approximate the photo here.




lion mane jewelryThe wild cats of Africa so often have magnificent patterns and colors. A lion needs none of that because their big mane clearly tells you who are the king lion males. Goes great on any chain or cord. Large  rear bale allows for thicker cords or chains to hold this lovely combo. Approx 1.5″wide and 1.5″ tall.

Fine Safari, Zoo & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence