Kavango Gold Giraffe on Oval Silver Frame


Giraffes are also known as The Tall Blondes – like my sister! There are still hundreds to be seen today in Southern Africa including in the Okavango Delta of Botswana so we had to feature them in this collection. A shiny silver simple round  shaped sterling 935 silver pendant with overlayed 20/14KY gold hand pierced giraffe.

Each item is a hand made unique original but will closely approximate the photo here. Will look different against different clothing or skin colors.

Giraffes have no normal predators. Even lions would rather eat a juicy zebra instead of all the bones in a giraffe. Also hunters seldom relish shooting them as they are no challenge. More likely they will walk up to your jeep and put their face in the window – whew, what bad breath!




Gold hand pierced giraffe pendantThis pendant brings out the unique shape and coloring of a pierced 20/14KY gold fill giraffe showing off its unusual skin patterns. Round Frame is sterling 935 Argentium silver and approx 1.25″ wide (6cm) and 2.5″ tall (6cm).  A big dramatic hand pierced piece so each one is a unique original. Large bale so you can wear it with most chains and cords.


Fine Safari, Zoo & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence