Kavango Cheetah Neckpiece


This cheetah at full stretch will make a fast impression on all your friends A  big hand textured Argentium 935 tarnish resistant sterling silver bangle with overlayed 20/14KY gold fill image of  a racing cheetah. Each item is a hand made unique original but will closely approximate the photo here. Extensively pierced to show the dot pattern of a cheetah’s fur. Mounted on braided leather for another natural contrast.

For years the cheetah’s lovely patterned fur has been in demand for fashion usage. Luckily that trade is mostly stopped. Nowadays Namibia has most of the cheetahs left in the wild, as the government and rangers there have been actively supporting them and their environment. Because of the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, it borders on the Okavango delta region as well as reaching inland  into Zimbabwe and Zambia.



cheetah choker necklaceNot for the feint of heart this dramatic hand textured rustic sterling silver (non-tarnish type) is overlayed with an outstretched cheetah in form when they are running full speed.  The slightly rustic look helps tell a story of outdoors and nature and bush living. Plus it completes the full set with matching bangle and earrings. Approx 1.5″ wide and 8″ long silver.  18″ long – in total with leather and clasp.

Fine Safari, Zoo & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence