African silver shield pendant with fighting sticks


Shiled with assegai and knobkierieA lovely perfect miniature African warrior/dancer shield in sterling 935 silver.  Typical ceremonial display configuration with cross fighting sticks behind – a knobkierie and and assegai. Total size is approx 1.75″ x 1.25″ (4x

Looks good on silver chain or leather cord (not included).  One of a kind unique original. All items are handmade but will approximate photo here.

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Shield with assegai and knobkierieEach pendant is made from Argentium 935 sterling silver featuring here a very traditional design style. The 3 cutouts represent where the hide would be cut to create a handle on the other side. And mounted behind are the traditional assegai (spear) and knobkierie (fighting stick).

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