Shield & Mask Collection

Originally used in fighting and hunting, African shields have become big decorative items for dancing, events and entertainment. From the Masai on the Serengeti with both their small round shields and long tall shields, to the cow skins marvels of Zululand, they come in all shapes and colors and designs. That is what we celebrate here in this collection.

Similarly, all over Africa local tribesman carve masks for both decoration and disguise from whatever local tree trunk they can find. Many of these are very artistic and of course, often tell a story. We prefer those from South of the equator as on the whole they tend to be friendlier and not as dark or gruesome. We will continue to explore this genre at length in the future.
Custom requests welcomed. All gem stones offer a choice of ruby, emerald, tanzanite, citrine or diamond (white, plain or champagne).

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