Africa Arises Collection

Africa is unlike any other continent.  A vast area bigger than North America, Europe and China combined, it often has an ever lasting effect on people who have been involved with this, the mother continent of the world. Indeed, as Frederick Forsyth (The Day of the Jackal) so eloquently said, “When Africa has touched your heart, a part of your heart is left in Africa forever.”

For some of us, a simple silver Africa shaped pendant is enough to help remind us of this affection and the related emotions, for others it is more like a layered set of emotions that bring it specifically into focus. This Africa Arises jewelry collection attempts to portray some of those multi memory sets by offering different shapes and symbols layered on top of Africa shapes.

Africa Arises jewelry collection

Most of these items help celebrate the diversity of Africa by using both silver and gold layers, with or without gemstones. If you have a personal multi-part memory not portrayed yet in this collection, then you are invited to contact us for a custom design or variation.

Notice how many of these can also be called “sliders” as they slide easily on a cord or chain, often through using a cord or chain going around one of the rivets that rotates.

At last Africa Arises from its great slumber and is poised to be a great business and tourist power in the years to come.





























































































































































































































































































































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