About Lion Claws

Lion claw jewelry jewelleryReal lion claws are usually cracked, dirty and often broken.  They will also dry out, become even more brittle and crack more. So museums and taxidermists around the world usually replace them with man-made artificial claws that are genuine replicas that will last a long time.

It is from these channels that we source our two sizes of lion claws. The big ones correspond to a big African lion’s claw and the smaller (some would say medium) correspond to a healthy mountain lion’s size.

Note:  No actual lions are involved in the production of these claws in any manner whatsoever.

Large claw with aquamarineWhen we get them from the taxidermy supplier, we do process them a little further so we can add an elegant cap. Not only is this cap tightly fitted and secured with extra strong glue, but all designs now include a stud (rivet) right through the cap and the top of the claw. This will keep it all secure for years to come and no one will know it is not a real claw unless you tell them.

They may be cleaned with dish washing soap and hot water.

Orders for custom caps or other designs are welcomed.

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