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No Real Elephant Hair!

no elephant hair

But see Artificial Elephant Hair bracelets instead.


See Giraffe facts at end of this page.


Now see the same look, but with a very different feel, of an all wire black and silver bracelet.

Plus many other colors!


See also the new Melika collection for men's cords and necklaces.

Bracelets - Giraffe hair only
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BLACK/DARK BROWN HAIR: Fashioned in the style of traditional African elephant hair bracelets (which are no longer legal), these sliding knot bracelets are made from real giraffe hair instead. They are often known as the Legend of Africa. Now you too can do your own small part to reduce poverty in Africa and have a unique, inexpensive bracelet unlike any others.

Hair 301


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For a smaller version (Kid's size and less strands, but still very neat):

Hair 301Sml



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See instead Artificial Elephant Hair Bracelets

Black Giraffe Hair

Hair 301

African Knot Bracelet in giraffe hair with silver knots

Both soft, elegant giraffe hair bracelet, with knots in sterling silver. Very unique and very special. Lightweight with a touch of class. First time being sold outside of South Africa.

NOTE: See men's section for these in larger sizes.

Not available elsewhere.

SR 3010 925 Medium


SR 3010 925

New stock just arrived. Some great small ones too.. same price.. just specify in comment section at checkout.

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PLUS Artificial Elephant Hair Bracelets. Just Arrived!

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Giraffe Facts:

Question: Elephants trumpet, Lions roar, Hyenas laugh, and Giraffes ??
Answer: Giraffe have no vocal chords at all.However, they can make swishing noises by waving their heads and necks to communicate with each other.

Question: How (and for how long) do giraffes sleep?
Answer: Giraffes sleep standing up or lying down (which really means squatting with their legs folded under them) - but only if other giraffe are standing guard. However, they only need 30 minutes sleep every 24 hours!

Question: How long can a giraffe go without drinking?
Answer: Even though they have no humps like the camels, they can go up to a week with no water if need be. Because they graze higher up the tree than most other animals (except monkeys and other climbers) they can get a lot of moisture from the dew on the top leaves too.

Question: How can a giraffe reach even higher up a tree?
Answer: A giraffe's head can swivel completely vertically...adding another foot or more to his height.



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