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Africa is a feeling that has touched many peopleAfter a number of failed attempts to introduce fine jewelry from Africa to the USA and the rest of the world,  I realized we would have to take it slowly and systematically by providing personal service and promotion along the way. Our first target has always been people who love African safaris and wildlife along with those who have visited, worked, helped and loved Africa, its animals, nature or peoples.

From that we could grow to educating and sharing the wonders of the mother continent with more with people who did not know much about Africa but were fascinated by its majesty and mystique. Along the way we always had two underlying goals as well: (1) Showing the world Africa could produce great designs and finished goods too – and not just raw gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other precious metals and stones, (2) Doing our small part to help create more valued-add jobs in Africa itself, along with money flows back to help the local people develop their own industries.

Through our jewelry and artwork on this site, we hope you too share in the wonderful beauty of Africa by touching some of its designs, goods, culture, animals and services as this giant sleeping continent awakes on the  world stage.

HaglundlogoSmlMy late brother, Geophrey Foden, initiated manufacturing jeweler training in South Africa for the uneducated black community, even before it was legal. He also became a world class designer at a young age and pioneered the usage of African themes in top class jewelry collections, mostly under the Haglund hallmark and brand name. When Hillary and Bill Clinton visited Mr Mandela and South Africa after the end of apartheid, he designed custom gifts for Nelson Mandela to present as state gifts. This was followed by many custom designs for famous Hollywood and business dignitaries, as well as special collections for eminent Safari Lodges and specially themed jewelry for Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Lesotho, as well as the Koi San (Bushmen), Kwandabele and other tribal peoples. On top of that he did top fashion and beauty pageant designs for European and Australian shows.

Not only did he leave us many great designs for years to come in the form of actual product you see on this site and elsewhere, he also left us at least ten years of designs that we have yet to make.

At various times, in addition, I have been well served with good products and service from Kenya, and I thank all my supplier friends there. So too, I give thanks to all my patient friends in California who helped me transition from being a technical marketing geek to instead learning more about the trade  in order that I can develop my own African-centric designs in honor of my youth.

Martin Foden african wildlife jewelry design and manufacture

Your friendly African American – a real one, even though I am white.

Today Safari Gold® ships product directly to customers throughout USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK, Germany, Netherlands and the rest of Europe on a regular basis.

Most of the little safari vignette photos on this site I personally took while on Safari in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

I thank you for your support and love for our African designs and look forward to serving you personally.


(Athol) Martin Foden

PS Need a variation or even a custom design piece made? Just Connect with me.

Fine Safari & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence