AfricasBraceletsWoodSee the biggest variety and collection of African Elephant Hair Bracelets on this site.

Elephant or giraffe hair knot bracelets for men or womenA large collection of magic sliding knot bracelets in elephant hair style. Gold, silver, copper, Artificial elephant hair, etc. Narrow, standard, wide with two or three or four knots. Africa shaped pendants, charms, earrings in 930 sterling silver. Africa shaped pendants and charms in silver or gold. Did you leave your heart in Africa? Or is Africa in your heart? Simple, perfect, elegant, affordable.
Sterling silver african pendants hand madeBeautiful hand cut rock art themed pendants with animal or African designs. Uniquely hand made in South Africa.
Meerkat silver jewelry pendants and earringsCute little Meerkat pendants, charms and earrings. Africa’s amusing weasel like critters that are so popular on The Nature Channel.
Wild animal 3D charms in sterling silverYour collection of solid 3D silver charms. Each one a perfect sculpture. Only in a Zoo will you see more perfect specimens. Safari Africa silver earringsAnd some smart little earrings for the finishing taste of Africa touch.
 Lion claw pendant jewelry

New Faux Lion Claw collection.

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Each one a unique handmade original piece of jewelry. Safari, Wildlife, Zoo Animal and African souvenirs, mementoes and gifts.

Fine Safari & Wildlife Jewelry with an African influence